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Sweet Spring Break Essentials

Heading south? Lucky you. Don't forget these sweet essentials before you go! Your skin will get the protection you need and the color you crave. Your feet with be treated to a massage with each step in the sand. Can you hear the beach waves yet?

Let's start with your feet. FlopZ are upscale luminescent flip flops with a unique gel insole that treats your feet to a soothing massage sensation while you walk. What makes flopZ so unique is the massaging flopZgel which covers the insole. This clear textured layer treats your feet to a delicious massaging sensation whilst you walk, and the hardwearing clear gel keeps its shape while remaining fresh and new in appearance all year round. Flopz are compact and cleverly packaged with their own bag protector, making them perfect for the jetsetter, beach babe and spa lover alike.

Not only do these tiny bubbles look cool, they also feel great! They have the unique luminescence of tropical fish and coral reefs. Now, just imagine your feet getting the most delightful massage, soothing the burning ache in your soles. You’re walking down that hot, sandy beach with ease, your feet keeping cool and your bikini integrity intact. I can't wait to use my new pair of flopZ with warm sun rays shining down on me! Speaking of rays ...

Whether you are hitting the slopes or your island getaway, don't forget to protect yourself from those pesky harmful rays! Australian Gold offers the ultimate choice in protection and bronzing products that soothe your skin care needs. I have always loved using Australian Gold. I was excited to try these four products that all have a sweet secret inside. P.S. - no calories!

Australian Gold Sheer Coverage Sunscreen With InvisiDry Technology is a very water resistant sunscreen protects your skin for up to 80 minutes of activity. InvisiDry Technology guarantees fast drying and absorption, while leaving skin feeling smooth and clean, like your wearing nothing at all. This unique formula never leaves behind a tacky residue and contains a sweet ingredient - licorice! It is recognized for its anti-inflammatory and calming skin benefits. It smells so good. Like a tropical island in a bottle!

Australian Gold SPF 30 Lip Balm with Antioxidants is a handy, clear stick that helps helps prevent, soothe, heal and protect dry, chapped and sunburned lips. Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Jojoba soften skin and antioxidants helps fight free radicals. The irresistible kiwi-lime flavor provides a refreshingly tart and tangy zing – ideal for a hot day on the beach or skiing the slopes. There is nothing worse than sun-burnt lips. Protect them with this sweet balm.

Australian Gold Lotion with Kona Bronzers provides an immediate golden glow. Protect yourself from UVA/UVB rays while your skin is enriched with an instant bronzer infused with Kona Coffee to deliver a radiant, sun-kissed color. Kakadu Plum Extract also provides the highest level of Vitamin C.

Finally, you can kick off your romantic getaway with a healthy glow. Australian Gold Spray Gel with Instant Bronzer also features a secret gem! This exclusive formula contains caramel that works to soothe the skin. The bronzer enriches skin for a radiant glow before you even head out into the sun while the SPF protects your skin. I love using a bronzer to add that burst of sun-kissed color. This one is in a spray gel! I can't wait to try this one!

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