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#MakeYourMove with Kohl's :: Fitbit Flex Review

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It is now the second month of the new year and with it came resolutions for fresh starts. Is 2015 the year that you want to #MakeYourMove? Kohl's has everything you need to meet those goals. Whether you need a blender, running shoes, or a fitness tracker, you will find the tools you need to stick with your resolutions no matter what they may be.

Today is as good a day as any to get started. So it is time to #getmoving. I decided that one of the tools I wanted to try was the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband. I liked the features like being able to track your day, and even to track your night! I also liked the slim, stylish design of the Fitbit Flex. This wireless activity tracker and sleep wristband motivates you by offering a total fitness picture. Not sure which Fitbit is right for you? Check out the Fitbit Comparison Chart and compare the devices available at Kohl's.

I purchased the Flex at my local Kohl's and I was excited to start tracking! The Flex tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, showing progress with LED lights. It even monitors your sleep and wakes you with a silent, vibrating alarm. You can use the Fitbit dashboard to set goals, view progress, and earn badges as encouragement. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 days on a full charge, but it lasted a bit longer than that for me. The bluetooth 4.0 automatically syncs data to your computer or other device, making using the Flex quite effortless.

What's Included?
  1. Flex tracker with wireless sync dongle
  2. One small and one large wristband
  3. Charging cable
I found that everything was pretty simple to understand. The main parts are the tracker (the black rectangular piece) and the wristband. You get two wristbands so you can choose the one that fits you best. When you first set up the Fitbit dashboard on your desktop, you use the wireless sync dongle and charging cable. Set your goals and you are done. Pretty simple. You will want to set up the app on your phone as well.

Once you are set up, you just place the tracker into the wristband and you are ready to go! I like that once it is on your wrist, you really don't have to think about it. The Fitbit Flex does all of the thinking for you. 

Here are some of my favorite features:
  • Track All-Day Activity :: See stats like steps, floors climbed, active minutes, calories burned and more when you use the app with a Fitbit tracker. 
  • Log Food :: Log calories fast using the barcode scanner, quick calorie estimator and meal shortcuts.
  • Connect With Friends :: Invite friends and family to share stats, send cheers and taunts, and compete on the leaderboard.
  • See Progress :: View progress and analyze your trends with easy-to-read charts and graphs.
  • Record Sleep :: Track your sleep trends with a Fitbit tracker, and set a silent alarm and view sleep charts on the app.
  • Set Goals :: Stay focused by setting step, weight and activity goals. Achieve weight goals by using Calorie Coaching to compare the calories entered into your daily food log. 
  • Stay Motivated :: Get push notifications and earn badges to keep you moving toward your goals and give you kudos when you've achieved them.

I am really enjoying my Fitbit Flex. The wristband is so lightweight, I almost forget I am wearing it. I like tracking my progress throughout the day on my phone. If I find I need a few more steps, I can park a bit further away in the parking lot, or take the steps instead of the elevator. The Flex has kept me on track, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants the best tools available to help you reach your goals.

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Buy It :: Shop the Kohl's full line of fitness trackers online or in a store near you. The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband that I reviewed is $99.99.