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Lady Gaga EAU DE GAGA Fragrance Review

Okay "little monsters" and also anyone who has no idea what I am talking about - the newest and first unisex scent from Lady Gaga is here. EAU DE GAGA is a dangerously daring and exciting new scent that captures the pure essence of Gaga. The scent is appealing to both women and men.

This scent is said to be for the adventurous woman and the man who loves her. I have to say, it smells really freaking good. EAU DE GAGA is built around a beautiful heart of white violet, an intoxicating flower that fuses female and male attractions. The scent opens with an invigorating burst of sparkling lime to counterbalance the woody-floral intensity, and evolves into a sensual trail based on leather. 

It smells amazing. It reminds me of something earthy, yet sensual. After spraying, you smell green tea combined with peppery citrus. It has a fresh and clean feeling to it. EAU DE GAGA is currently one of my favorite scents. It stays with you all day too. Would my husband wear it? He would if he didn't know it was from Lady Gaga. That being said, I can definitely see how it being appealing to both men and women. 

Buy It :: Lady Gaga EAU DE GAGA is available for $34 at mass retailers.