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Bye Bye Dry Winter Skin

Dry. Parched. Itchy. Burning. Sound familiar? I don't think there has ever been a winter when my skin has been so dry. It itches and even burns it is so dry. Cold, dry winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Just as wardrobes change to reflect the weather, beauty routines should be updated from season to season. Luckily, these products will help you warm up your beauty routine.

emerginC phytocell cream :: This intensive age-fighting and hydrating cream with concentrated grape stem cells was designed to help revitalize, protect, brighten and renew skin. It helps fights free-radical damage, hydrates, protects, and improves tone and texture. This stuff is like magic. It smells and feels so divine. My skin feels so soft and hydrated after using! I highly recommend this one! Available online via for $87.50.

Le Mieux Hyaluronic Serum :: This hyaluronic-acid-based complex retains 1,000 times its own volume in moisture. This serum intensely hydrates without clogging pores, while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It features vitamin E and four botanical extracts for soothing, healing, and anti-aging benefits, with no greasy feel. I love the soothing and hydrating features of this serum. I put a few drops under my phytocell cream for extra dry skin healing. Available online via for $60.

Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum :: Formulated with alpha hydroxyl acids, apple stem cells and gingawhite, this exfoliating serum sheds dull, damaged skin and discoloration to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. I only use this one every other day. It is rather strong, so I don't want to overwhelm my fragile winter skin. I still want the benefits though, and this natural skin care product sure packs a beneficial punch! Available online via and select Whole Foods Markets for $34.99.

Now that your skin is looking good, keep it feeling great too with a personal humidifier. You can add comfort to any personal space by reducing dryness in the air. An ultra-fine vapor mist will moisten the air and leave you feeling refreshed! I have been keeping it on my desk and I love it!

Violife Personal Misting Humidifier :: As the humidity level drops in the winter, the amount of moisture in the air and your skin also drops. By adding moisture back into the air, humidifiers help skin stay hydrated. While traditional humidifiers are usually large, bulky and confined to one space, the personal misting humidifier from Violife travels from room to room. Delivering the same ultra-fine mist found in large humidifiers, it conveniently works with a standard size water bottle. Available in various colors and patterns, the Violife personal misting humidifier uses ultrasonic vaporizing to moisturize the air, creating your own personal climate in almost any space. From the calming multicolored LED light to the sonic transducer for ultrafine mist to the rotating nozzle, the features are impressive! I use it all the time and I am always surprised by the power of this little gadget. At the highest setting you can achieve over five hours of powerful ultrasonic vapor. Then just refill and you are ready for more misting! Available online via for $40.

Using these winter skincare products will help you say bye bye to dry winter skin once and for all. While it is freezing outside, you can keep everything under control inside by simply adding a few things to your beauty routine. I have been adding the serums to my nightime skincare routine and I can't get enough of the phytocell cream. It is like my skin just begs for it. Keeping my personal misting humidifier close by has helped repair my dry skin tremendously.