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EzCuddle Pillow :: Review

Did you know that 86% of couples who sleep within an inch of one another are happier with their relationships? This is based on a study from the University of Hertfordshire that surveyed 1,000 people about their sleeping habits with their partners. But for many people trying to find a comfortable place to put their arm while cuddling is a problem.

That is where the EzCuddle Pillow comes in. EzCuddle is a contour pillow designed specifically for cuddling. EzCuddle has a patented Arm Bridge design for one person to slide their arm into while sleeping. Now two can cuddle without worrying about someone's arm falling asleep. It is meant to stop the pins and needles that would normally occur in your arm.

I would recommend this for use with a child. Maybe you have a child who cannot fall asleep on their own. If you need to cuddle the child, then wait until they fall asleep to leave the room, this would probably work for you. The pillow is on the small side and it does not quite fit comfortably for two adults. I do like the foam contour design and I actually like using it by myself. Sometimes I sleep with an arm under my pillow, so this has a place for me to put it. If you would like to learn more, visit for more information.