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Acure Organics Facial Toner :: Review

Acure Organics uses natural, organic and clinically proven ingredients that provide visible results to create their skincare. Their concept is simple. Provide healthy skin care products using the purest organic and clinically-proven natural ingredients to drive real results, proving that you don't have to sacrifice your health for beauty. I reviewed the balancing rose + red tea facial toner.

The balancing rose + red tea facial toner restores balance and tone. It works to reduce surface shine and excess oil - all without drying your skin out. This alcohol-free toner utilizes Organic Witch Hazel to purify, Organic Vegetable Glycerin to moisturize and Organic Rose and Chamomile to soothe, calm and restore the skin’s natural acid mantle (the skin’s own protective layer).

This toner feels great on your skin. You can use it by spraying onto your face or by using a cotton ball. I like just spraying onto my face and letting it soak in. It doesn't smell which I usually find with witch hazel products. My face just feels refreshed and clean.

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Buy It :: You can purchase the balancing rose + red tea facial toner for $15.99.