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Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday from Skinnygirl

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Between big family meals, holiday office parties, cookie exchanges and dashing through the mall to buy gifts with little time in-between to eat a healthful meal, it is no wonder that we are worried about sticking to healthy eating habits during the holidays. So as not to put a humbug on your festivities, here are some easy tips from Bethenny Frankel and Skinnygirl Daily to help you enjoy the holiday season in a healthy way!

Tip 1 :: Taste Everything, Eat Nothing! When faced with a holiday buffet, dinner or party, it is okay to take a little taste of the dishes that tempt you most, versus a whole feast! Bethenny's rule is “taste everything, eat nothing,” where you fill a small plate with a few bites of the most indulgent dishes. This way, don’t feel deprived like you have missed out on something. 

Tip 2: Balance Your Diet Like a Checkbook! Just as you have a budget in mind when you go holiday shopping, the same can be said for eating around the holidays. Bethenny says to, "Treat your diet like a bank account. You know when you've spent too much." If you invest in something decadent, balance that with something healthy. You can invest in a cookie, a piece of cake or holiday candy - just not all at once! When you do eat those tempting treats, you then need to deposit some healthier fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein options into your diet. 

Tip 3 :: Think Small! "Downsize now." Just like the little blue box that may hold something sparkly, "think small” when it comes to holiday eating: Order the small size, use small plates, take smaller portions. If you are dining out, order an appetizer portion or only eat half of what is on the plate, and ask for the rest to take home. 

Tip 4 :: The Golden Rule - Don't Binge! Don’t let decking the halls turn into wrecking your diet. If you find yourself suddenly starving while out holiday shopping, bypass the food court and make sure you have healthy snacks on hand. Stock up on healthy foods such as nuts, fresh fruit, or a Skinnygirl Daily Tasty Nutrition Bar. Having a healthy snack before you attend a holiday party also helps fill you up, reducing the risk of overindulging on less nutritious options. 

I love Bethenny's tips for eating healthy this holiday season. My favorite tip is to taste everything and eat nothing. I am a food grazer to begin with. I like to try a bit here and a bit there. I just need to remember that one taste is enough!

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How do you stay healthy during the holidays?

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