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Rituals Cosmetics :: Review

The idea behind Rituals Cosmetics is simple. Happiness can be found in the smallest of things. Rituals transforms your everyday routines into moments of indulgence by means of beautiful and luxurious products. Enjoy a warm fragrant bath, a cup of specialty tea or do the dishes with a little more pleasure. I absolutely love (and completely relate to) their philosophy. Enrich the little things in life with a hint of luxury. This true passion can be found in all their products.

The collections are based on Eastern traditions. Each ancient wisdom has its own specifically selected ingredients and distinctive benefits. I had never tried Rituals before, so I was thrilled to be reviewing three of their products. I tried two products from the Tao Collection and one from the Laughing Buddha Collection.

Did you know that the average person takes about 10,000 steps per day? Take some time to put your feet up and let them relax with the help of the Lao Tze foot balm. Pamper your feet with this sensational, nourishing and cooling formula. The unique rich balm has a combination of natural ingredients that leaves dry, rough skin feeling silky, soft and supple. It contains Chinese Mint for revitalizing tired feet. The result? Feet feel silky soft and supple, while your whole body benefits from the care you devote to your feet. It feels amazing! I love this stuff. The cooling sensation feels so relaxing.

The T'ai Chi foaming shower gel sensation is a unique shower foam technology based on the organic ingredients of White Lotus and Green Tea. So as you can imagine, it smells incredible. Due to its self-cleaning properties, the White Lotus is a symbol for purity and spiritual growth, while the powerful antioxidant Green Tea has a strong calming effect. It is the gentlest shower foam your skin has ever experienced. To use: Apply a small amount of foam to the palm of your hand. As soon as the gel comes into contact with water, it changes into a rich nourishing foam for cleaning the whole body.

This stuff is so good! The new year is coming so why now start small by improving your shower ritual?! Relax and find balance in the morning with the T'ai Chi foaming shower gel. I am NOT a morning person, but waking up early never felt this good! Green tea is revered in the east for its effects on lowering mental stress and anxiety levels. Isn't it time for you to take time to unwind? Make it your goal for 2015. I love using the shower foams. I can't wait to try the other varieties too.

Finally, we have the Happy Mist, which is a light bed & body perfume. This energizing bed and body mist can be used on your skin or on textiles. It combines the sparkling refreshment of organic Mandarin with the revitalizing power of Yuzu. I love the versatility of this product. Not only is it safe for textiles, and does not stain. It is also a cosmetic formula that does not contain alcohol and is thus ideal for even the most sensitive of skin. It really does have a "happy" smell. The scent is very much a citrus scent. I find it uplifting and refreshing. It is a fresh and pretty scent. Not too overpowering. It makes me want to try the other home fragrances. After trying just a few products from Rituals, I am hooked. I love this brand.

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