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Karin Herzog Essential Mask :: Review

Karin Herzog is the worldwide leader in oxygen skin care. The brand helps women all over the world restore their own youthful glow and radiance through the transformative effects of active oxygen. I was invited to discover these unique qualities of the Karin Herzog skincare philosophy. I loved trying Oxygen Sun and Oxygen Body, and now I had the chance to try the Essential Mask.

No one likes being told “you look tired.” While the Karin Herzog Essential Mask can’t give back those precious hours of lost sleep, it can reduce visible signs of fatigue. Perfect for before an event or after air travel, this deeply nourishing mask instantly leaves the skin feeling plumped, hydrated and energized. Formulated with 2% active oxygen and vitamin A, the Essential Mask also provides an immediate lifting and toning effect, while lessening hyperpigmentation for a brightening effect. Suitable for all skin types, especially acneic, the Essential Mask minimizes breakouts in addition to controlling future blemishes. With just one use, skin will appear softer, more refreshed and radiant. Molly Sims is a fan of the Karin Herzog brand and Essential Mask!

To use Karin Herzog's Essential Mask, apply with a brush in order to avoid absorption of active ingredients through fingertips. Apply liberally to a clean, dry face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water. For very dry skin, leave the mask on to absorb into the skin and simply massage in the excess without rinsing. Use one to three times per week.

Essential Mask is a great option for the cold months because it restores hydration levels to leave the complexion soft, radiant and plump. I love that it also minimizes breakouts, helps to fight hormonal acne and blemishes, and even lessens hyperpigmentation. My dry skin was replenished and brighter after use.

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Buy It :: You can purchase the Essential Mask via the Karin Herzog online store for $60.