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ESQIDO Mink Lashes :: Review

Can you believe that I was a lash virgin? Until I tried ESQIDO mink lashes, I had never tried wearing falsies! These lashes are so easy to use, I just might be hooked. ESQIDO specializes in quality mink lashes that are light-weight, comfortable and can be worn up to 25 times.

I was invited to try two lash styles from ESQIDO. Unforgettable flares out giving a nice and subtle lift to the eyes. Little Black Lash has strands that are perfectly spaced out across the band for an amazingly natural and heavenly look. The pair I am wearing in the photo at the top of this post is Little Black Lash. I was really surprised by how much I liked them. I was intimidated to try them for some reason, but now I'm glad I have!

I am so glad that I didn't start with the regular falsies you would find at a drugstore. ESQIDO Mink Lashes are very easy to apply and extremely beautiful on. I started by squeezing the glue onto a piece of paper and using a toothpick to "paint" onto the band. Then I waited for 30-45 seconds until the glue became tacky before applying. I was told that this will give me the most control and prevent glue from getting all over my eyes! It worked!

If you are looking to try mink lashes, the holidays are the perfect time. If you visit, they have built a simple step-by-step guide to help you find the perfect pair of lashes to wear for any holiday occasion! I can't wait to wear Unforgettable for New Year's Eve! They are going to be perfect!

Connect :: Visit to discover the most natural looking and lightweight strip eyelash extensions you'll ever wear. Connect with ESQIDO via Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: You can purchase the Little Black Lash for $39.99 and Unforgettable for $42.99.