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EnnoLogic Infrared Thermometer :: Review

Men are so difficult to buy for. At least that is what I have found. This is something that he would love to find under the tree. With the EnnoLogic Infrared Thermometer, he can take accurate non-contact temperature readings of any surface within less than a second. Warning: Once he owns this powerful and fun tool, he won't be able to put it down. 

The eT650D from ennoLogic is a non-contact infrared thermometer that allows you to measure the temperature of an object from a distance by sensing its radiated infrared energy. It is a feature-packed instrument with countless uses that include cooking, refrigeration, automotive, A/C, HVAC, and many other home uses. It is not designed for body temperature measurement.

No it is really not just a gift for him. The eT650D is a great dual laser non-contact thermometer that can be used for measuring temperatures in cooking, soap making, candle making, candy making and to do such technical chores as checking HVAC systems. It is also perfect for auto-mechanic work including checking temperatures of tires, brakes, engine and cooling systems.

Use it in the kitchen for instant surface temperature measurements of food, pizza stones, oven walls, range top, frying pan or fryer oil, grill, refrigerator and freezer. Great for soap making. Scan for insulation leaks in your home, check the temperature of air conditioning and heating vents or water heater pipes. Check your cars cooling system, catalytic converter, brakes, and tires. Or check the ambient temperature of chicken coops, terrariums, and reptile enclosures.

I had fun just reviewing this product! You start wondering, what else can I test? It is quite fun and very easy to use. Features of the EnnoLogic Infrared Thermometer include:
  • Measure surface temperatures between -58°F and 1202°F (-50°C to 650°C) with an accuracy of ± (1% of reading + 1°C/2°F) or ± 2°C/3.5°F (whichever is greater) 
  • Scan feature with Min, Max, and Average display 
  • Two built-in laser pointers help you to precisely identify the target spot you're pointing at 
  • Large easy-to-read display with bright backlight 
  • Toggle between °F and °C, and turn backlight and laser on and off individually, all settings are retained between uses 
  • Distance to Spot Ratio 10:1 
  • Fast power-up and response time of approx. 500 milliseconds 
  • Adjustable emissivity provides increased accuracy for different materials 
  • Adjustable High/Low set points with audible alarm 
  • Ergonomic, attractive and rugged design 
  • Package includes one eT650D, Holster, 9V battery, and user manual

The ennoLogic eT650D comes with a 10-Year Warranty, a Hassle-Free Replacement Guarantee, and a Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee. This highly accurate and durable instrument with dual laser targeting, adjustable emissivity, and accuracy over a wide temperature range making it an excellent diagnostic tool. It has high and low temperature alarm setting capabilities, and can be set to any one of four laser and backlight setting combinations allowing the use of laser and back light or any combination of either function being on or off. This makes it easy to use regardless of ambient light conditions. Get this practical gift now from Amazon!

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