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Brush Artistry 36 Piece Artist's Brush Set :: Review

The Brush Artistry Deluxe 36 Piece Artist’s Brush Set contains just about every type of brush you’ll ever need – all wrapped up in a handy canvas roll-up bag. This brush set is ideal for beginners and experienced artists alike. It is also suitable for hobbyists, model makers, craftspeople or even just handy men and women. What a great gift idea or stocking stuffer.

You may be wondering why your gift recipient would want so many brushes. This is why. There is such a variety of paint media available today, each of them performing slightly differently according to the type of bristle used in the brush. Each bristle type and tip shape combination comes in six of the most popular brush sizes. That is 36 brushes in total! Each brush type is color-coded, making it easy to identify the right brush for the right paint medium. All brushes are wooden handled and approximately 12 inches (30cm) long, for comfort and balance – giving greater control over your brush strokes.

This brush set comes ready to wrap! When it is not in use, it rolls up into a canvas roll-up wallet. Any artist would love this set. The thirty-six quality bristle paint brushes that can be used with all paint media - great watercolor brushes, acrylic brushes and oil paint brushes - as well as most other paint media types.

The following Bristle Types are included:

  1. Hog Bristles: durable, hard wearing, natural 'split ends' hold medium and thick paint. Ideal for Acrylic and Oil Paints.
  2. Synthetic Bristles: man-made fiber, absorbent, carry most paints very well. Less prone to damage from solvents. Ideal for Acrylic Paints, also most other media.
  3. Pony Hair Bristles: soft yet strong with cylindrical hair shape, naturally flexible, ideal for Watercolors. Also used for Tempera and Acrylic media.

The following Brush Shapes are included:

  • Flat brushes: used to fill larger spaces, create washes. Also for bold strokes and creating fine lines, straight edges or stripes.
  • Round brushes: good for detailed work, filling smaller areas, making controlled washes, creating thick or thin lines.

The Brush Artistry 36 Piece Artist's Brush Set is an ideal gift item. The regular retail price is $45.99. That includes 3 bristle types, 2 head shapes, in 6 different sizes each, which equals 36 brushes total. They are suitable for experienced artists or beginners. This versatile set that is suitable for just about every paint medium. It comes packed in a box for easy gift-wrapping. I was quite impressed with this set. Just the amount of brushes alone at this price is awesome. Then you look closer and realize that are quality brushes as well. I love having this set on hand for when my creativity bug starts to bite!

Brush Artistry is featured in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

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