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CableKeeps‏ :: Review

Stocking stuffer alert! CableKeeps combine charger and cable into one neat and tidy package and add style and fun to an otherwise dull device. They can eliminate tangled cables in bags and purses, or tidy up messy wires coming out of the wall. There is a CableKeep for anyone who owns just about any type of phone or device.

Get a unique design and color for each person in your family, so there are no more "borrowed" charging cables. It also keeps your device clean, because Goldie can act as a charging pedestal, keeping your device off dirty counters and floors when charging. Nice.

On the wall or on the go, someone om your gift list would love and benefit from CableKeeps.  They come in 3 designs and 6 colors - Goldie for iPhone, Nibbles for iPad, and Gulp for iPad international. Each sells for only $13, making it the perfect gift.

For non-Apple products, check out Goldie Plus, which combines a Goldie CableKeep with a 5W charger and optional Micro USB cable. It sells for $29.99 with a cable, or $24.99 without.

I love my CableKeeps for keeping my cords looking colorful and tidy! They are kinda cute too.

CableKeeps is featured in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

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