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Bring the Spa Home with Suave‏ #SuaveSpaSecrets

The Suave Professionals Body Care line helps women spoil themselves by bringing the spa experience and spa-quality ingredients and products home. Suave knows how busy women are, and that we don’t have time to spend a full day at the spa. But with our crazy schedules, we definitely deserve the relaxation of the spa!

Step into the tropics or the flair of Morocco with quality ingredients like authentic argan oil from Morocco and Awapuhi Ginger treasured in Hawaiian culture. I love them both and I can't decide which is my favorite.

The Natural Infusion Awapuhi Body Wash is infused with Awapuhi Ginger, a plant is treasured in Hawaiian culture for its moisturizing beauty benefits. Now this prized extract is infused with honeysuckle into our luxurious body wash to leave your skin perfectly soft.

The Moroccan Infusion Body Wash is made with Moroccan argan oil, known to have skin-softening antioxidants and nutrients. Now this lightweight miracle oil is infused into our luxurious body wash to leave your skin beautifully silky.

I also had a chance to try the Moroccan Infusion Dry Body Oil Spray and the Moroccan Infusion Body Lotion. The body oil absorbs instantly to leave your skin beautifully silky and stunningly radiant. I love the non-greasy formula and it smells amazing. The body lotion provides 24 hour moisturization.

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