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Pure Marula Cleansing Lotion :: Review

What? You have never heard of Marula Oil? Neither had I until I tried the Marula by John Paul Selects Pure Marula Cleansing Lotion. It nourishes skin, for a glowing and radiant complexion. Marula by John Paul Selects is a premium brand of highly effective, doctor-endorsed beauty products derived from pure, sustainable Marula oil. Offering superior anti-aging and hydrating benefits without the tradeoffs, Marula is a transformation in the world of beauty oils because of its highest concentrations of the omega fatty acids critical for rapid absorption, hydration, and age-defying elasticity.

Pure Marula Cleansing Lotion is an anti-aging facial cleansing lotion to repair environmentally damaged skin, prevent future damage, provide superior hydration, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is formulated to gently but effectively cleanse makeup and impurities without irritating solvents. It contains natural glycan technology, an AHA complex of five fruit acids, and natural plant peptides to boost efficacy of the proven antioxident power of pure marula oil. Combined with the highest grade of aloe that contains 20 biologically active components and no solvents that can irritate skin, it supports natural cell turnover, moisturizes, and prevents signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

I was very surprised to learn that this collection contains 50 percent more antioxidants than argan oil. The faster absorption rate and longer lasting moisture retention make it the superior skin care oil for age-defiance and healthy skin. I found the Pure Marula Cleansing Lotion to be quite gentle, yet it still eliminates impurities without overdrying skin. My skin was left feeling soft, nourished and radiant. The base of Pure Marula Oil and organic Aloe Vera, naturally derived biodegradable surfactants and moisture-promoting actives helps to thoroughly hydrate and effectively cleanse.

To use: Gently massage cleansing lotion onto face day and night to remove make-up and impurities. I found that you only need a very small amount. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry for soft, fresh, radiant skin.

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