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Color Me Makeup Application Device :: Review

I love it when beauty and technology come together. That is exactly what happened with the launch of Color Me, a revolutionary makeup application device. Designed to improve and accelerate makeup application, Color Me puts clinically proven innovation in the palm of women’s hands to help them get flawless in a flash.

What is it? Color Me is a makeup application device. It has a sponge where you place your foundation. Then when you turn it on, the sponge pulsates, and Color Me applies foundation quickly and virtually effortlessly for a smooth, almost retouched look.

How do I use it? Firmly attach sponge to device. Put small amount of foundation onto sponge then push button. If you're using liquid foundation, tap foundation from sponge onto forehead, cheeks, nose, chin before blending. As device pulsates, sweep it in light circular motions across face to blend. The sponges are latex free, hypoallergenic and disposable. The downside is that sponge replacement is recommended after 7 days of use. Replacements are $9 for two sponges.

How does it work? The secret to Color Me’s success lies in its patented technology. With a battery-operated automatic sponge that runs at a rate of 15,000 pulses per minute, the device applies foundation evenly in less than two minutes. Once activated, the sponge, which mimics gentle finger tapping, quickly buffs and blends foundation onto the skin for an even finish.

Is it versatile? You can achieve flawless results using Color Me with cream foundation, BB/CC cream, tinted moisturizer, or even powder. The Automatic Foundation Applicator Universal Starter Kit comes with two types of sponges, shown above. One is for applying any liquids, and the other is for applying powder foundations. Proving its versatility, the tool can be used with all types of foundation, BB creams and tinted moisturizers as well as concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter and contouring makeup. Simply swap the old sponge for a new one and begin work on the desired area.

Get the look! As a teacher, my everyday easy beauty look can't be too flashy, but I still want to look "made up". Eric Jimenez is the visionary behind Color Me, and he created a look just for me! If you want to achieve the everyday easy beauty look, here is how you do it.

Start by treating your skin! Be sure to always get enough sleep, as that will instantly make you look more youthful and refreshed!

In the drier weather and colder temperatures, your skin can be prone to flaking and looking a bit dull. Get that natural glow by exfoliating regularly and immediately applying a moisturizer for a youthful and dewy complexion. As an added bonus, treat yourself with a regular face mask to sooth and treat your skin.

As you apply your foundation, incorporate a highlighter to help reflect light and give a refreshed complexion. Some of my favorites include Kevyn Aucoin (celestial liquid in candlelight) and high beam by Benefit. Use your Color Me device to apply to forehead, bridge of nose, under outer edge and around the eyes, above the cupid’s bow, and on the chin.

Then, apply a liquid foundation lightly around the areas that you wish not to shimmer. As needed, apply concealer to your skin, turn on your Color Me and buff the concealer in gently.

Next, apply your brows with gentle and feathered strokes to help define your eyes. If you want a little extra pop, smudge a brown liner over your upper lid before curling your lashes and applying your mascara. Finish the look with a stain of color for lasting power and head out the door!

Overall I think that the Color Me device was a fantastic idea! I like how I can blend my foundation with no streaking for a flawless finish. It also speeds up my application time. I wish there was a way to perhaps wash the sponges instead of having to buy new ones after every seven uses. Color Me applies foundation quickly and virtually effortlessly for a smooth, almost retouched look. I do love that you can use Color Me with both liquids and powders. In fact, you should apply powder over liquid or cream for best coverage results. Watch the video below for a more detailed look at Color Me.

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Buy It :: Available online via, the Automatic Foundation Applicator Universal Starter Kit retails for $54. The 2-ct. sponge refills are also available for $9.