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Burt’s Bees Natural Products :: Review

This is a sponsored post for Burt’s Bees. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

Founded in 1984, Burt's Bees proudly creates natural skin care products formulated to help you take care of yourself, naturally - from your lips to your toes! Nature knows best. This, more than anything, has been the Burt's Bees guiding star since they made their first lip balm 30 years ago. Yes, that is right. 30 years ago! Happy Birthday Burt's Bees! As they have grown, they have only gotten better and better at choosing natural ingredients - from root and stem and bark and blossom - that work in harmony with your skin's natural chemistry.

That is why I love Burt's Bees. I love that you can get these amazing products that are 100% natural. Their products deliver too, and it is why I keep coming back to Burt's Bees. When I was in Walmart the other day, I noticed just how many Burt's Bees products they have available. You can find Burt's Bees just about anywhere, so chances are you have tried it for yourself.

When I was at Walmart, I picked up two of my favorite products from Burt's Bees. I picked up the Lip Shine in Pucker and the Intense Hydration Treatment Mask.

The Lip Shine provides natural, sheer color enriched with moisturizing Apricot Wax that glides on lips for a sweet and super shiny finish. The color Pucker adds just a hint of color and tons of shine, so your lips shine as much as your personality.

The Intense Hydration Treatment Mask gives your skin the gift of hydration it so dearly deserves with Burt's best face mask for dry skin. Infused with Clary Sage, this facial treatment mask is clinically proven to provide immediate intense hydration and help increase skin’s ability to retain moisture. So you’re skin will possess softness and suppleness like never before.

Some of my other favorite products are the Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment - this stuff really works - and of course the tried and true Beeswax Lip Balm. At just a few bucks a tube, you get that beeswax to condition skin, while antioxidant Vitamin E moisturizes. The final hint of Peppermint Oil provides that one-of-a-kind refreshing tingle.

What are some of your favorite natural skincare products from Burt's Bees?

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