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How to Protect Your Garden With Safety and Style

Increasing a home’s safety means more than just protecting the house itself. Applying security measures to the outside of the property, from floodlights to front garden gates, can provide much needed protection and peace of mind. With a few quick and easy tips, gardens can be made safe and stylish for the cautious and style conscious homeowner.

On with the lights

Lighting is one of the easiest, most effective ways to make your home more secure at night. Halogen floodlights with infrared sensors are straightforward to install and energy efficient, not to mention incredibly useful. These types of lights come in a range of styles and are a simple enough DIY project for those not afraid of a few sparks.

Secure the boundaries

Whether it’s a fence, hedge, wall or gate, securing the boundaries of a property is a security must. Garden gates with locks are a good way to keep unwelcome visitors out and hedging boundaries with prickly plants like berberis, hawthorn, holly or shrub roses are sure to deter any potential intruders. For back gardens, consider adding trellis panels for extra height and protection. You can cover them with prickly climbers and they don’t take a lot of weight, so getting past them with any degree of stealth is near impossible.

Use deterrent materials

Laying gravel paths and driveways can be an effective early warning system to alert residents to approaching visitors and makes quiet exits quite difficult. A mix of gravel with stone slabs, brickwork or other types of paving is aesthetically pleasing and, in effect, dovetails safety and style for the savvy homeowner. Just be sure that the proportions of gravel to landscaping are right and that it’s impossible to traverse the area without walking on the gravel somewhere along the way.

Store equipment in a shed

For all those garden valuables like tools, lawn mowers and other outdoor equipment, a good sturdy shed is the perfect protection. Available in all ranges of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, shopping for a shed can be quite fun. Be sure to secure the shed well with a variety of locks or even an alarm system if it’s housing particularly valuable items. Don’t just secure but also any windows or other openings as well so that the structure is completely protected.

Gardens are meant to be peaceful, private spaces, and with a few helpful protection tips, they can be just that.