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Traveling Options

More people are on the move than ever before, and the travel industry is working hard to keep up. Airports, hotels, airlines, and cruise ships are doing their best to attract customers, and the destinations are also changing. Today, travelers can find pristine beaches, great hiking and biking, sailing and diving and indigenous cultures in places rarely visited and at much lower prices than can be found at more famous destinations. Click here to get a glimpse of what is possible today.

Croatia has all the ancient history anyone could wish for, from well-preserved Roman ruins to Dubrovnik, a medieval city that rivaled Venice and is still in almost perfect condition. Croatia has no less than seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It also has spectacular natural scenery with world-class rock climbing, and more than 1,000 beautiful islands along its Dalmatian coast, a sailing paradise. The price for an excellent meal from friendly villagers with exceptional wine is budget friendly, and the cost of resorts and hotels is much less than other beach destinations in Europe.

You can book flights to a favorite travel destination like Africa, especially for people who wish to see the "big five" - African leopard, African lion, African elephant, rhino and Cape buffalo - and the options are getting better. There are high-end cruises that will include experiential vacations with a safari into Kruger National Park and other places including Botswana, Mozambique and Tanzania. These vacations can be customized for each traveler and are family friendly.

Technology is also taking over many traditional areas of travel. Some airlines are making travelers check their own bags, and other airlines are abandoning their famous one-class cabin to add a premium cabin. Even checking into a hotel may depend upon using a smartphone as a keycard, so guests need not check in at the front desk. Many of the new features are intended to save the traveler money on expensive amenities.

Here are some things to look for the next time you travel:

For those who have seen enough on Earth, there is space travel in the near future. Many people have already signed up for a vacation space ride. They get three days of training first and may attend a party with Richard Branson.

Car rentals will have self-service kiosks, places to charge your electronics and places for children to play, as well as road tips for vacations by car.

For those traveling without children, they’ll find child-free zones on some airlines.