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Traveling Abroad

Have you ever thought about traveling abroad? I know I have. Some of the destinations I am most interested in are France, Italy, and Spain. While France has many beautiful places that can offer a brilliant holiday getaway, the South West region is particularly alluring since not only is it wonderfully picturesque with its many medieval villages and stunning beaches, it is also a key wine producing area. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean rather that the Mediterranean, the South West of France offers breath-taking views, not least the rolling countryside and the magnificent Pyrenees Mountains along with the numerous rivers that flow from it.

Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world, and the regions of Tuscany and Tuscia/Lazio are unforgettable locations that never fail to impress. Enjoy exploring this beautiful area from fabulous PPA private villas in Italy. Tuscany, whose regional capital is Florence, is famous for being the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and it has been home to many prominent artists as well as scientists throughout the ages. The area is nothing less than a gem, renowned for its beautiful landscapes and ancient traditions, not to mention mouth-watering foods and wines.

With gloriously hot summer sunshine often running into autumn Southern Spain a tempting destination for those wanting to escape the less reliable weather of northern Europe. With a fascinating historic legacy and a culture influenced by many nationalities it is easy to see why Andalucia is such a popular destination. Take in the white hill top towns such as Ronda (immortalised by Hemingway), explore Grenada, Seville and Cordoba all boasting amazing architecture. Head for the cosmopolitan coastal resorts, Marbella has it all but Estepona is worth a visit with a beachside promenade and, at its heart, the original pueblo complete with charm and character.

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