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Time To Quit

Cigarettes and all tobacco products are difficult to remove from daily life. They are physically and emotionally addictive substances. There are many reasons to stop smoking, including health, money and social issues. Quitting cigarettes requires help in most cases. Here are some steps to take in order to quit smoking or using other tobacco products.

Make a Plan

This is an important step. Your plan should include a firmly fixed "quit smoking" date. See your doctor beforehand. He or she may prescribe an antidepressant before you stop smoking. Most antidepressants become effective within two to three weeks of the patient taking them.

Advise everyone in your life about the quit smoking date. If you have smoke break friends, make sure to let them know about your plan. Encourage them to stop with you, but make sure not to break this commitment to yourself.

Remove cigarettes, ashtrays, matches, lighters or anything that reminds you of smoking from your home, office case or desk drawer. Don't leave a single cigarette or reminder in sight to tempt you.

Support Group

It's essential to get support from friends and family about your plan to quit smoking. If a spouse or partner continues to smoke, identify an area support group. Ask friends who have stopped smoking to stay in touch to provide encouragement. Most importantly, never give up. Meditate on gaining health, not quitting smoking.

Positive Reinforcement

As part of your quitting smoking plan, reward yourself for accomplishments. The first three or four days are very difficult. Plan to use money you'd have spent on cigarettes or related items to buy yourself something great. The savings will quickly accumulate because tobacco products are expensive.

Better Health

Once you quit, include a new exercise regimen and eat healthy foods to heal your lungs and body. 

Quitting tobacco products for good is a very great challenge, but it's possible with the right support system. Plan to succeed, and assemble all the resources you'll need to quit smoking for good.

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