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Surpahs Kitchenware Products :: Review

Surpahs offers kitchen scales, bathroom scales and kitchenware products. Surpahs, a synonym of Surpass, means to be beyond the limit, powers, excellence, be superior to in achievement, and that is their commitment. I reviewed two products from their collection.

The first product I reviewed is the Surpahs Kitchen 3-Layer Cross-Laminated Bamboo Cutting Board Set. It includes three ultra-thin bamboo cutting boards in small, medium and large size (8"x6", 11"x9" and 13"x9.5"). They are constructed of high quality eco-friendly bamboo. They are solid to ensure no warping, cracking or splitting. At only 0.4", they are thinner and lighter than other cutting boards. I loved the sleek design. I found them to be very durable for any kitchen prep.

These bamboo cutting boards and very smooth and lightweight, making them easy to use and store in the kitchen. They are easy to clean too. Just wash with hot soapy water, then rinse and dry between each use. More features include: harder and lighter than maple, less moisture absorbency than traditional hardwoods and resists odor and bacteria.

The second product I reviewed is the Surpahs Digital Kitchen Food Scale with Tempered Glass Platform. This scale has a 7"x7" square design, a large tempered glass platform, and a large LCD screen with backlight. It is equipped with four high precision sensors to provide accurate weight measurements in 1g/0.1 oz accuracy. Using the UNIT button instantly converts weight results between oz, g, lbs, and kg. Using the TARE button automatically calculates the net weight of your ingredients by subtracting the weight of any bowl, dish or container.

My favorite feature of this digital kitchen scale is the tempered glass platform. It is so easy to keep clean. It also looks really sleek. The large LCD screen is very easy to read. They are only two buttons, making it easy to use for anyone. You can also use this as a small postage scale.

Surpahs allows consumers to have the same high-end quality home and kitchen products at a fraction of the cost. I would recommend either of these products. It is easy to shop for Surpahs products on Amazon.

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Buy It :: The Bamboo Cutting Board Set is $19.48 and the Tempered Glass Digital Kitchen Scale is $21.58 on Amazon.