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Organic Candles

To really understand why organic candles are the better option for your home, you must first understand the main three different types available: conventional, natural and organic.

Conventional - These candles are you everyday made-from-petroleum paraffin wax candles that can be found in just about any department store. They generally contain various additives that are designed to preserve the candle and its color while helping to disburse the scent. Sometimes these candles can contain lead-based wicks.

Natural - Natural wax candles are made from palm wax, beeswax, soy or other vegetable-based wax. Unlike conventional candles, these candles don’t contain synthetic ingredients nor do they have lead-based wicks.

Organic - These candles are similar yet different to natural candles. For example, they generally use the same natural ingredients -- such as soy -- but with an organic candle, the soy plants where grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

Keep in mind, however, that not all soy candles are actually natural. Many companies mix synthetic ingredients in with the soy wax, and unless the candle is labeled natural, you may not be getting the benefits of an all-natural candle.

The Downfalls of Conventional Wax Candles

Conventional wax candles contain paraffin wax, which is known to emit about 11 toxins that can pose a risk to your health. They also burn quicker and hotter, which increases their fire hazard. Paraffin candles also produce an abundance of soot, which dirties the air and covers the walls, ceilings and other surfaces of your home with an unpleasant greasy black residue.

Benefits of Organic Natural Candles
  1. Organic wax candles contain no genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. Recently, it has come to light the dangers of using seeds treated with chemicals. Choosing organic wax candles means you help to eliminate these dangers from your life.
  2. Organic wax candles are actually healthier for the environment, which is a plus for everyone, even those who are not usually environmentally conscious. Because they are grown organically, there is a reduction in the ground pollution because no chemical fertilizers were used to grow the ingredients.
  3. When you purchase organic wax candles, you are helping to support small businesses and farmers who are trying to compete with low quality yet extremely cheap conventional candles.
  4. Organic wax candles contain no synthetic or additives. And there is never a downfall to reducing the amount of toxins in your life.