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Harkiss Designs T-Sandals :: Review

Harkiss Designs empowers artisans, one item at a time. Harkiss Designs is unique in offering fine handcrafted jewelry, handbags, baskets and accessories directly from the women artisans of East Africa. Designed with contemporary fashion in mind, each meticulously crafted artifact contains the spark of its exotic origins.

Do you have the right footwear to show off your fancy summer pedi? Any of the sandals from Harkiss Designs will do! You will find cozy leather, bright beading, and trendy footwear that is every fashionista's shoe dream. Harkiss Designs is selling these on-trend looks at affordable prices for a great cause! All sandals are handcrafted by talented Ugandan women and men. With East African inspiration and contemporary designs each sandal is a work of art on it's own. Harkiss Designs also donates a percentage of proceeds from every purchase to the charity organization Lend A Hand Uganda. They now offer this incredible collection!

The sandal collection includes eight styles that will keep you cool and classy. These sturdy yet stunning leather designs combine with hand-beaded motifs to make this trend-friendly footwear a fine choice through summer. Choose from various styles of the fashion-forward gladiator sandals or the lithe and lovely Leaf and Stone Sandals. Check out the great color options too. I reviewed the T-Sandals in turquoise.

The T-Sandals are made with Coral Stone Beads. Aren't they gorgeous? They come in various colors including: Peach-Multi, Tiger-Eye, Turquoise, Coral-Red, Masai-Sparkle, Coral-Black, Orange, and Masia-Bold. They are just so different from what you would normally find. I get compliments every time I wear them. They demand attention and definitely show off that perfect pedi!

Look at the cute way they tie in the back too! There are many more stunning varieties of sandals to choose from. Some of my favorites are shown below. From left to right: Fig 8 Gladiator ($65), Aisha Gladiators ($75), and the Korosho Sandals ($59). Any of these styles pick up on the latest gladiator trend in footwear, so they look great. They also incorporate East African bead designs, so they have unique flair.

Connect :: Visit for clutches, wraps, bags, jewels, and sandals that represent compassionate capitalism. You can also find Harkiss Designs on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It :: You can purchase T-Sandals on sale for $55. Browse the entire Sandal Collection for more great options!