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The Bathory :: Perfect Bath Soak :: Review

Are you ready for the best bath of your life? Seriously. I need to introduce you to The Bathory. The Bathory lets you invent a customized bath soak, to help you feel relaxed, revived, sexy - whatever you fancy. Just add (hot) water.

The ordering (creating) process takes you through a series of questions like, "What kind of bath do you want?" and "How do you want to feel?" It is pretty awesome. By the time I was finished, I had created a detox bath soak made with pure epsom salts and rhassoul clay. I chose three essential oils (lavender, lemon and eucalyptus) and I was all set.

I wish you could smell through your screen. This bath soak smells so fabulous. The scent is very prominent, so you don't have to worry about being jipped on your essential oils. It smells luxurious and divine. Like I am lying in a lavender field, surrounded by eucalyptus and sipping lemon tea. So amazing. If that combination doesn't sound like your dream bath, then simply invent a personalized bath soak to fit your own mood perfectly.

The lovely Laura is the founder of The Bathory. She has been whipping up handmade cosmetics for years. She is also obsessed with anything to do with medicinal plants and herbs. The Bathory was born out of these interests, and, of course, from her excessive love of recreational bathing. She knows what she is doing because this is really good stuff!

Connect :: Visit to start creating your own bathtime treat. You can also find The Bathory on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Check out The Bath Girl blog and learn more about the lovely Laura.

Buy It :: Your own 7 oz. customized bath soak will cost $30. It is worth every cent. They ship worldwide for just $5.