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Put A Little Umbrella In Your Summer Drink :: 12 Summer Drink Recipes

Check out Put A Little Umbrella In Your Summer Drink :: 12 Summer Drin
by Lesli at
Obviously I have a thing for umbrella drinks. There is nothing like lounging poolside or on a beach with an umbrella drink. That has to be my favorite way to spend my summer down time! Here are 12 Summer Drinks recipes that are all worthy of their very own little umbrella.

Peeps Beachside Drink :: Try this one with your kids and any blue drink!

Pineapple Coconut Rum Cocktail :: Celebrate summer with this cocktail that has a Caribbean flair.

Sunset Passion Colada :: I had quite a few of these on my last cruise. They are a mixture of a pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri. Yum.

Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade Mojito :: How many delicious drinks can we put together?! I need one now!

Grapefruit Lemonade Spritzer :: This spritzer is the perfect combination of tangy and sweet.

Pink Watermelon Lemonade :: This perfect thirst quenching drink screams summer.

Southern Belle-ini :: Refreshing and fruity without being overly sweet – perfect for a summer afternoon party.

Coco Loco :: Coco Loco is a Colombian Coconut Cocktail. Anything with the words coconut and cocktail and I am in!

Blue Hawaii :: The classic drink from tropical paradise.

Mango Pineapple Mint Daiquiri :: Light, fruity, and refreshing.

Prosecco Lemon Float :: This crisp, sweet cocktail would be a beautiful addition to any celebration or for enjoying on the deck on a warm summer night.

Vanilla Bean Dream Cocktail :: Pina colada tropical goodness combined with fresh, ripe peaches and sprinkled with a good dose of vanilla beans and rum.

I love experimenting with new drinks, especially in the summer! I will have to spend my summer trying all of these. Summer is about being refreshed and relaxed. These drinks will help you celebrate all that is summer. Cheers to summer!

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