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HUM Nutrition Supplements :: Review

HUM Nutrition is an innovative vitamin line that is revolutionizing the supplement industry by creating products specifically for beauty and lifestyle. With names like Red Carpet, Killer Nails and Here Comes the Sun, HUM takes the uncertainty and guessing out of the vitamin game and provides products that are straightforward and fun. For example, Red Carpet gives you glowing skin and fuller, shinier hair. Think of it as your own personal Instagram filter. I did not get to try Red Carpet, but I was able to try Killer Nails and Here Comes the Sun.

Are you guilty of broken nails? Killer Nails is like a protein shake for your nails and hair providing maximum strength. It helps support strong nails through delivering 5000 mcg of Biotin per capsule. Biotin is a water soluble B-complex vitamin necessary for cell growth and the production and metabolism of fat into amino acid. Interesting fact - did you know that biotin was originally known for its ability to strengthen for animals' hooves?! If it can do that imagine what it can do for you! I really noticed a difference in the quality and strength of my nails. They used to be yellowish and weak. Those white streaks I used to have in them are gone too!

Ever felt like turning your desk into a tanning bed? Here Comes the Sun boosts D3 levels providing all the benefits of sunshine without the aging or UV rays. Nothing beats a good day at the beach, but it’s hard to come by most days. So HUM decided to pack a lot of D3 (‘the sunshine vitamin’ which supports bones and cellular health) into Here Comes the Sun, the next best thing to a trip to Hawaii. Each softgel contains 1000IU of Vitamin D3. Vitamin D deficiency affects many of us, yet it is considered essential for calcium absorption, skin protection, and healthy bones and teeth. It has also been researched for a variety of benefits including its role in depression and its key role in skin health.

What I love about these products:
  • Both products are gluten free, contain no GMOs, are sustainably sourced, and contain no artificial ingredients.
  • They are specifically created for beauty and lifestyle, taking the guessing out of choosing vitamins.
  • The packaging is really cute. Not exactly a super important feature, but they are really colorful and fun!
HUM believes that true beauty comes from the inside. Visit Sephora or to check out the large selection of HUM supplements. From a Daily Cleanse to a Chill Pill, you will find the perfect combination just for you!

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