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Happy Hour at Outback Steakhouse :: #OutbackBestMates

Have you tried the new Moonshine BBQ Menu? My husband and I recently got to visit our local Outback Steakhouse for Happy Hour. We enjoyed not only the great Moonshine BBQ menu items, we also enjoyed the Moonshine Cocktails.

The two that we tried were Just Peachee and Watermelon Hunch Punch. Just Peachee definitely has a kick to it. The server said it was the whiskey. I did like the peach taste though. The Watermelon Hunch Punch was our favorite. It is so refreshing! You can definitely taste the watermelon. Perfect for summer!

We started out with the Moonshine BBQ Wings. My husband literally called these the "Best Wings Ever". My husband eats wings all the time, so when he says these are amazing, he means it. I am not a huge fans of wings, but wow are these good. They have a kick to them, but the flavor is so rich at the same time.

For our meals, my husband had the Moonshine BBQ Combo Platter, and I enjoyed the Moonshine BBQ Chopped Salad. I think I took about two bites of my salad before my husband had all of the shrimp and some of the chicken devoured. This trio is a Moonshine-infused flavor thrills. It includes Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, 1/3 rack of Moonshine BBQ Ribs and a Wood-Fire Grilled Chicken on the Barbie. The Moonshine BBQ sauce on the side is perfect for dipping! So good!

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