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Celebrate America :: Red, White, & Bouq :: #BouqLove

The Bouqs (as seen on Shark Tank, O! Oprah Magazine, Forbes, E!, The Today Show, & Popsugar), are changing the flower industry one bouquet at a time. How you ask? Well, traditional flower delivery services act as a middle man causing prices to increase and flower freshness to decrease.

The Bouqs own their own flower farm, growing flowers in the rich soil of an active volcano. All bouquets are cut to order and are sent to your door. There is no waste, and there is no middle man, leaving you with great savings.

The Bouqs also take the pain out of choosing flowers. Their pricing is simple - $40 flat fee for all Original size bouquets with FREE SHIPPING. This allows you to choose the bouquet you love best without thinking about price! I LOVE this! No more thinking, "Well I really want to get Bouquet A, but Bouquet B is $20 cheaper." Nope. All one price. Choose the one you want.

Speaking of a bouquet you want - you will not want to miss these 4th of July Flowers - Red, White and Bouq. For Fourth of July, The Bouqs are bringing back their Red, White and Bouq (which is red, white, and blue roses)! Isn't it fabulous?! So perfect for any 4th of July Celebration!

Celebrate patriotically (Yay, America!) with a bunch of flowers that goes boom! Red, White and Blue roses come together in a patriotic statement that would make even our Founding Fathers proud. Bouqs say "OKAY USA!" and they only cut what you buy. That means there are no wasted flowers! I love that! You'll love their eco-friendly, sustainable flowers shipped straight from the Volcano to your recipient's door. Don't forget you will also get Free Delivery! This bouquet is THE perfect gift to bring to the Fourth of July BBQ you are attending or hosting.