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Top Three Advantages of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Jewelry will always be popular, but new trends do still rise up within it. One of the trends getting the most buzz lately is cubic zirconia jewelry. You're a lot more likely to see a round cubic zirconia engagement ring suggested in bridal magazines lately, and all in all, this is easy to see as a good thing. The following are the top three advantages of cubic zirconia that set it apart from the diamond.

The first thing that gets cited about cubic zirconia in its various forms is its ethical implications. Simply put, diamonds are problematic. Much of the diamond market is run on marketing alone, and diamond mines are frequently staffed with underpaid, overworked individuals outside the jurisdiction of the labor laws that developed nations enjoy. This has earned them an awful reputation, but the marketing campaign behind diamonds has made it hard to shake. Cubic zirconia is an ethical alternative, manufactured without any of the questionable practices associated with diamond mining.

Cubic zirconia is much less expensive than diamond. Again, this goes in large part to how diamonds are marketed. Purchasing diamonds for tools is almost always less expensive than purchasing them for jewelry, and this isn't because jewelry diamonds are better. They are simply kept in demand by very well-constructed marketing campaigns. Cubic zirconia has no such marketing momentum keeping its prices up. The downside to this is that it is somewhat harder to find quality jewelry with cubic zirconia as the primary stone. Diamonds are sold at nearly every jewelry store, but finding cubic zirconia can be a little harder. It may be better to look online.

All of this is worth mentioning because cubic zirconia is almost indistinguishable from diamond. It takes a very trained eye to spot the differences. Individuals buying jewelry for beauty and sentiment alone have little reason to choose diamond over cubic zirconia. Their aesthetic properties are almost identical unless you are a highly-trained jeweler with access to appraising tools.

Cubic zirconia make an excellent alternative to diamond, and it's easy to see why. Not only is it a great substitute, many find that it's a compelling alternative all on its own, and in some ways superior to the more traditional diamond. One way or another, its popularity is only increasing as publicity spreads.

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