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Smile Brilliant :: Teeth Whitening Trays Kit :: Review and Giveaway

Do you wish your teeth were whiter? I am not sure I have met anyone who would answer that question with no. I have tried so many products over the years that claim to give me a white smile. Those products are either messy, too expensive, or they hurt my teeth. So, when I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to try their custom fitted teeth whitening trays, I crossed my fingers and agreed to give another product a try!

I am so glad I did! This is an at home teeth whitening system, making it easy and convenient for you to whiten your teeth. What makes Smile Brilliant's tooth whitening system more effective than any other system on the market? The trays are fitted specifically for your teeth which ensures it holds to the surface area for prolonged periods of time. Makes sense to me! I received the kit and was ready to begin to take the impressions.

I had brushed and flossed my teeth and I laid everything out that I needed to make the impressions. All you have to do is mix one base paste with one catalyst paste. You just knead them together. It feels like putty. Once mixed, you place the putty in the tray and bite down. You verify that you can clearly see the impression before moving on. If you mess up, you have one extra chance, as they send you three sets of paste.

This was very easy to do. Much easier than I expected. After you have taken your dental impressions, you just put them in the postage paid envelope and mail them back to the lab. Smile Brilliant will create a set of teeth whitening trays that are an exact replica of your teeth. These trays are identical to those fabricated by your dentist; however if you were to have gone to your Dentist they would have charged you $500+. At Smile Brilliant they retail for $89.95.

Then, ta-dah! In less than a week I had my custom trays ready to use! I am like the 66% of all users who experience tooth sensitivity during whitening to some degree. For some it will be very mild and for others it will be unbearable. I ordered my kit with a set of Desensitizing Gel For Sensitive Teeth. I have had trouble with teeth whiteners in the past where my teeth became very sensitive. To use the desensitizing gel, you just apply to your trays and leave on for 15-30 minutes prior to whitening your teeth. You can also check out this article on the cause and prevention of tooth sensitivity for more information.

Now you are ready to whiten! Just apply the gel from the syringe to the front interior of the tray. This way, you will get the gel on the front part of your teeth. Three syringes came with my kit and should last 9 to 12 whitening sessions. I haven't run out yet!
Did it work? Yes! Check out the before and after photos in the banner above. I truly believe these results. My teeth were not that stained to begin with, so my before and after pics would not be as impressive. But I can definitely notice and so can those close to me! Are you worried about the safety of teeth whitening? Don't be. Generally speaking teeth whitening is safe. The only real danger would be to ingest large amounts of the gel, however in order to do so you would need to be using 5X the recommended amount of gel during one application. So don't do that!

Will you be able to remove all of the stains on your teeth? It's important to note that if there are stains on your teeth, this product claims to remove them. Some stains are more difficult than others. The average person who wears their trays for 3 hours a day or sleeps with them over night will have removed all the stains from their teeth after 5-7 applications. However more severe conditions, such as teeth with tobacco stains, nicotine stains, or dental fluorosis may require as many as 20-30 applications. I wear my trays for 1 1/2 hours a day. The fit of the trays is so comfortable, I could do up to three hours. But I think 1 1/2 hours is fine for my level of whitening. You have to decide what is best for you!

One lucky reader is going to win their own custom set of Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 Whitening Gel Syringes from Smile Brilliant!

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Buy It :: The Teeth Whitening Trays Kit can be purchased for $109.95. It comes with 3 Whitening Syringes. Additional Whitening Syringes can be purchased as needed in groups of three starting at $34.95.

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