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Meet The Schroeder Family :: #AmericasFarmers

As a teacher, I try to teach my students that the food they eat does not just appear in the local grocery store. It is thanks to America's Farmers like the Schroeders. They are just one of the amazing families who are putting in the hours so we can put food on our plates. I grew up in rural area of Ohio. In fact, some of the land my family owned was farmed. So I am familiar with farmers and the the long hours they put in each day. My grandfather was also a farmer. I felt like I could relate the the Schroeder Family in some way. They are from one of my neighboring states, Indiana. These photos look so much like where I grew up! The Schroeder Family grows soybeans and raises finishing hogs in Reynolds, Indiana.

Bill Schroeder knew from the time he was 8 years old what he wanted to be when he grew up – a farmer. On the other hand, his wife, Nicole, did not always see farming in her future. So when the two first started dating and she went on dates that took place in the combine or the tractor, she had to make some adjustments. But that’s farm life.

When they first started out, it was just Bill, Nicole, and Bill’s father, Bill Sr., handling all of the farm duties. As the farm has grown, roles changed. Nicole, for example, now handles payroll, and Bill has been able to take on a more managerial role.

The Schroeders love being a farm family and they work to make sure everyone involved in their farming operation feels the same ownership and pride in the farm they do.

When most people think about farming, chances are they picture a rugged man in dusty overalls driving a tractor. But that image is outdated and inaccurate. Agriculture has changed a lot in the last 20 years, and now farmers are adopting new technologies that allow them to produce more food for more people.

"We're people just like everyone else. We care about what we do. We work very hard and we're proud of what we have. Farming is a way of life for us; it's all we know." ~ BILL SCHROEDER

I encourage you to remember families like The Schroeders and celebrate America's Farmers with me! Not only do they have to manage everyday life just like us, they also have to manage the workload that comes standard with running the farm. Did you know that just one acre of soybeans can be used to make 82,000 crayons? I will definitely share that with my students! Check out my America's Farmers Pinterest Board for some great recipe ideas with the crops these great farmers provide.

This post was created in partnership with America's Farmers. All opinions are my own.