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Rejuvenate Your Skin with Clayspray :: Review

Introducing Clayspray, the world’s first clay emulsion in a spray. While the cold, dry air in winter can leave skin feeling dehydrated, flaky and rough, summer air is humid and full of moisture. Make sure your skin is ready. You don't want to choose beauty products that will make your skin oily!

Clayspray products are exclusively sourced from a careful selection of clays from sites historically renowned for their therapeutic properties and where the clay has been protected from pollution and contamination for thousands of years. Less than 1% of each ton of clay is used in Clayspray.

  • Clayspray is a pure clay. The purest clay in the world, through patented technology.
  • All products are natural, free of preservatives, free of parabens, free of perfumes, not tested on animals.
  • Clayspray products are formulated with 60 - 65% clay, (the reason it is heavy). This provides for a much higher concentration of beneficial minerals which offers an enhanced degree of efficacy.
  • Clays are emulsified much like a cream. This is unique to Clayspray - pure clays in an emulsified form.

The Clayspray line consists of five different masks, each one addressing a specific skin care concern; from Pore Refining, Skin Brightening and Glow to Toning and Mattifying. Also included in the line are two refreshing mineral water mists that further hydrate and soothe skin both before and after the treatment. I reviewed sample sizes of two of the products. I sampled the Hydrate H2O Water Spray and the Toning White Clay Mask with Aloe Vera.

The Hydrate H2O Mineral Water Spray is a mineral rich mountain Spring water spray comforts and hydrates in one spritz, instantly hydrating the skin. It is sourced from an ancient and isolated aquifer found deep within the rich earth beneath Spain's Iberian mountains, its mineral rich properties soothe and refresh while improving skin's elasticity and texture. The H20 Spray can be used to cleanse and tone skin or prepare the skin for a Clayspray Clay Masque treatment. It feels amazing on the skin. Like an instant soft rain that provides instant moisture.

Next, you apply the mask. Just dispense product into your hand and massage into the area to be treated. It gets creamy and a little goes a long way. Avoid contact with eyes. It dried fairly quickly and instantly tightened my skin. The Toning White Clay Masque is especially for sensitive skin. It gently removes dead skin cells and impurities whilst unifying skin tone in areas of hyper pigmentation. Skin is fed with minerals such as silica to boost collagen, calcium to build healthy skin cells, and potassium to help look in moisture for an anti-aging effect and to standardize skin texture. With its enriched formula of minerals and natural elements combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera, it calms and aids cell regeneration revealing younger and softer looking skin. Once it is dry, simply wash skin with water until clay is removed. My skin felt soft and smooth after just one use. You can tell that Clayspray uses only a high level of clay content. It really got in there and removed impurities and environmental toxins buried deep within pores. It also provided an incredible moisturizing effect thanks to hydrogels that deliver nutrients directly into the skin. I loved the incredible and instantaneous results!

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Buy It :: Both products may be purchased at Beautyhabit. The Toning White Clay Mask with Aloe Vera is available for $59.95 and the Hydrate H2O Water Spray is available for $23.95.