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Put a Fresh and Fabulous Spin on Your Everyday Life #CaressMe #Fabulista

I am so honored to be a part of the elite Caress Fabulista family! As a Fabulista, I got to try the newest scents of Caress body wash from the Caress Fresh Body Wash Collection! I am also thrilled to announce that our celebrity Fabulista Kelly Rowland has arrived! Get ready for a fresh take on fabulous fashion and your favorite Caress body washes!

Kelly is excited to inspire women to enjoy every day experiences in a fresh way. She knows how important it is to start every morning feeling fabulous, which is why she uses the new Caress Fresh Body Wash Collection (her favorite being the Emerald Rush.) I would have to agree that this collection will definitely put a fresh and fabulous spin on your morning routine! My favorite would have to be the Juicy Escape.

Feeling fabulous every day is all about putting a fresh new spin on everyday things. You can find fresh inspiration anywhere! Like in the delightful moment when you Find your Favorite Fragrance, the delightful moment when you Enjoy an Exquisite Manicure, the delightful moment when you Randomly Receive Roses, or the delightful moment when you go Shoe Shopping. Inspiration is everywhere!

The Caress Fresh Collection comes in three amazing scents. Finding your favorite is not going to be easy! Aqua Sparkle is infused with lilac blossom and aquamarine essence. Emerald Rush (Kelly's favorite) is infused with lush gardenia and white tea essence. Juicy Escape (my favorite) is infused with sun-kissed lily and pink grapefruit essence. No matter which you choose, sparkling scents surprise your senses while lush, revitalizing lather envelops your skin leaving it delicately scented and beautifully fresh.

So, how do you put a fresh and fabulous spin on your everyday life? Along with using my fresh and fabulous Caress body wash, I also tend to Put A Little Umbrella In My Drink! (wink) Leave me a comment and tell me how you live your fabulous life!

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