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Choosing The Dress

That special day is right around the corner. Whether it is the prom or your wedding, the thing that will make it memorable is the dress and accessories. There are various dresses that you can purchase for any event, but you should look at the styles before making a final decision so that it suits your body shape and the color is right.

The prom is a wonderful night for any teenage girl. She gets to dress up in a beautiful dress and wear dazzling jewelry. If you are a teenager or have a teenage daughter, then the time to look for prom dresses is probably right around the corner. Choose a dress that flatters the body. Don’t pick something that reveals too much of the skin if the girl is modest. A nice spaghetti strap dress is perfect for almost any body shape. Loose dresses are better for dancing. When deciding on the color, choose something that blends with the color of the hair as well as the skin tone.

Wedding dresses are something that most women can’t wait to try on, but there are numerous styles in today’s wedding industry. When you see something on sale, it is time to shop now because the dresses will likely get purchased quickly. Many women are getting dresses that fit the body and are simple in design. The days of lace along the sleeves and the puffy bodices are likely over. Spaghetti straps and sleeveless dresses are very popular with women of all ages who are planning to get married. The veil is often simple instead of trailing behind the bride.

After choosing the wedding dress, it is time to pick the dresses for the bridesmaids and flower girl. A new trend is letting each bridesmaid choose her own dress as long as everyone has the same color. You can also pick a design that you like and let each girl alter the dress in a small way such as changing the shoulders or adding a bow. The dress for the flower girl can be in the same color, or you can choose something lighter so that she feels special. Don’t forget all of the accessories including shoes, purses and jewelry after purchasing a dress for your special event.

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