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Babyliss Electric Ceramic Ionic Hot Rollers Review

Love this product! I have been wanting to try a set of hot rollers after seeing them in a magazine. I finally had the chance. Now it is one of my go to styling products. Meet the Babyliss Professional Electric Ceramic Ionic Hairsetter from Flat Iron Experts. This Professional Hot Roller with super hot ceramic infused rollers emits millions of negative ions through dual ports for healthy shiny hair and a style that will last (and it really does too)! The ceramic generates infrared heat for faster styling and less damage to the hair. Let me show you the results. Get ready to see my yucky before frizz ball hair.

Before you get started, make sure you protect your hair. I like to use KQC Thermal Shine Spray. Next, I divided my hair into sections and was ready to ... you guessed it ... ready to roll! I love how the Babyliss Professional Electric Ceramic Ionic Hot Rollers come in a case that stands up! The built-in collapsible stand saves space for smaller work surfaces and positions the rollers for comfortable access. It makes it so simple to add and remove the hot rollers. It also saves on counter space! The set also features a vertical split cover which opens in a compact manner. Very smart design.

There are 2 temperature settings - High and Low. I used the high setting. They heated up very quickly. They have cool-touch roller tips which allowed for easy removal and easy styling. The rollers were much easier to use than I imagined they would be. The 15 Butterfly clips came in a pouch and held my thick hair in perfectly without moving. So I rolled all of the sections using a mixture of the 8 jumbo, 8 large, 8 medium, and 6 small rollers that come in the set. I like the look better when there is a mixture of sizes. I think it looks more natural. I also love how the spikes on each roller ensures that hair curls evenly, without tangles. Who else remembers those awful pink rollers from your childhood that gave you nothing but tangles?!

Not only was setting my hair easy - it was also a time saver. I just set my hair before applying my makeup then let the curling magic happen while I was putting on my makeup. I did not have to worry about keeping them into too long - the technology ensures better temperature control, generates far-infrared heat and emits negative ions, which seal the hair cuticle and further enhance the wellness of the hair. It can even be used on slightly damp hair if you are in a really big hurry! So ... ready for the big reveal?

I am sooo happy with the results! I love those loose, beachy-looking waves! I sealed in my style with White Sands Infinity Finishing Hairspray. This flexible finish spray that works with any iron and allows you to create and recreate with ease. White Sands Infinity also increases the amount of shine in the hair when used with an iron. It can be combed and repels moisture, even in the harshest weather condition. What a perfect combination!

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Buy It :: The Babyliss Professional Electric Ceramic Ionic Hot Rollers normally retails for $219.95 but Flat Iron Experts has it on sale for only $129.95. The White Sands Infinity Finishing Hairspray is also available for $19.99.