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Shopping for Prom Dresses

Shopping for a prom dress can be an overwhelming experience. After all, there are simply so many options out there when it comes to style, cut, and color. Typically, it is best to shop for a prom dress style that will best fit a woman's physique. For example, larger women can flatter their figures in a traditional prom gown with a corset built in, whereas smaller framed women may play up her features with a v-neck or strapless gown. However, while there tends to be a strong emphasis on choosing the right dress style, it seems as though very few women put much though into the color of the dress that they choose.

The truth is, however, that the color of a dress can make a huge difference in how the dress looks on a woman overall. Even with the best fit, the wrong color can greatly detract from a woman's appearance in the gown. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to go about determining which dress color is right for any woman based on her skin tone.

Most women are not aware of whether they have a warm or cool skin tone, but knowing which category one falls into is the first step in determining which dress colors are best. It is possible to determine one's skin tone by considering a few factors. For starters, women who have the appearance of blue veins under their skin are generally cool skin toned women. Women whose veins appear more green in appearance are warm toned.

Furthermore, women who easily burn when out in the sun for extended periods of time typically have cool-toned skin, whereas women who instantly tan when out in the sun are warm toned. The skin tone a woman has can greatly impact the prom dress colors that look best on her.

Women with cool-toned skin should generally stick to blues, greens, and purples when it comes to dress colors, whereas warm-toned women tend to look best in warmer colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows. Browsing dresses of various colors and shades is a good place to begin. Women who are interested in picking out a prom dress and who wish to shop by color can do so at a number of prom dress websites available online. One example of a site that allows users to shop based on color can be found by visiting today.

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