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Stop the Fat Talk Already :: #FightFatTalk

"I am so fat, I can't fit into these jeans."

"My face looks so fat in that photo!"

"I wish I was skinny like [insert name here]."

"I hate my thunder thighs!"

Are you annoyed yet? I am. Did you know that 93% of women fat talk? How awful is that?! Think about it this way, you wouldn't say those things to someone else, so why in the world are you saying them about yourself? It's completely absurd and it is holding women back from managing their weight.

Fat Talk is contagious and it’s weighing women down. You hear it when you show a friend a photo they think is unflattering or when you are shopping for jeans with your sister. The negative comments women make about their bodies can be a barrier to weight management success. Special K conducted a recent survey that uncovered 62% of women feel compelled to engage in Fat Talk about themselves when they hear other women doing so and 63% said they don’t try to stop or change the conversation. Be the one who does put an end to the madness and SHHHHut Down Fat Talk!!

When I was in my late teens and into my 20's I had a terrible time with fat talk. I felt like my friends were always super skinny and I was the fat one in my group. I was very self conscious when it came to dating too! I would often say things like, "Who wants to date the fat girl?" which makes me sick to say that now. I don't know why I did that to myself. But I am happy to report that I give myself a break these days!

I honestly make great effort to surround myself with positive people. But even the strongest of women are weak when it comes to fat talk. I know I hear my friends fat talk all the time. It makes me sad and a bit angry at the same time. I often think to myself, "Why are they saying that about themselves?". I am the one who tries to change the conversation. "Come on. Stop talking like that. You look great!" I really do! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But what if we would all shut down the fat talk?

It’s been proven that positivity is the key to weight management goals. As women, we need to strive to get back on track this New Year’s resolution season. Special K teamed up with supermodel Tyra Banks to empower women to take a positive approach toward weight management. It's called Fight Fat Talk. I absolutely love this campaign and I am so proud to be a part of it!

As a partner to women along their weight management journey, Special K offers many delicious, guilt-free products, including snack and breakfast options that provide protein and fiber. Women can also visit to help SHHHHut down Fat Talk (#FightFatTalk).

To help women with their weight management journey this New Year, Special K is inviting them to participate in the Special K Challenge, an easy, effective way for women to kick-start their weight-management plan in 2014. For more information about the Special K Challenge, visit

I’d love to invite all of you to help me #FightFatTalk this New Year! Are you in? Prove it! Copy and paste this tweet and tell everyone you mean business!
Words are powerful - keep them positive! I'm joining @SpecialKUS and @alittleumbrella to #FightFatTalk this New Year!