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Monster High Dolls: The New Craze

Every generation of girls has had a set of dolls to play with, from Barbie to Bratz. However, the current generation has a very unusual line indeed - one called Monster High. Packed with scary and cool details, the Monster High toyline recasts a range of famous monsters as hip teenage girls. There are many characters in the set, from the rare such as the Monster High - Catty Noir Doll - Tesco Exclusive to the more common. Dracula has been reimagined as Draculaura, Frankenstein's monster as Frankie Stein, the werewolf as Clawdeen Wolf. All of the characters are pupils at Monster High school, where even the Headless Headmistress is a monster.

What is the appeal of Monster High? Well, for some time now girls' dolls have been very safe: pretty women living pretty lifestyles. The time is ripe for a line of dolls that caters to the rebellious goth that lurks within even the sweetest little girl, and Monster High taps right into that vein. What's more, the many monsters that have appeared in gothic fiction and horror films over the years provide great source material, meaning that there is always room for new characters to be added to the line.

Take Catty Noir, for example. One of the more recent characters in the line, Catty is a traditional ghost figure - the black cat so long associated with witchcraft. But here, the black cat has been given a new twist, with a fashionable dress and funky, flowing pink hair. Small wonder that her figure is in hot demand amongst kids.

The appeal of the Monster High toyline may seem a little odd to many adults: are these ghoulish playthings really what millions of little girls want for Christmas? Looking at things from a child's point of view, however, it all makes sense. Generations of boys have played with monster toys. Why shouldn't girls get to join in on the fun for once?

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