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HALLS Extra Strong Menthol Flavor Review

I am a teacher so I am using hand sanitizer about 10 times a day. Why? I always have kids coughing on me! I do not want to get sick, but when I do, I turn to HALLS. America’s number one cough drop recognizes that we are all going to be vulnerable this cough/cold season. So when the cough or cold catches up to you, there’s a variety of HALLS drops to help you through.

Introducing new HALLS Extra Strong Menthol Flavor, an intensely cool throat drop made with higher menthol levels than the classic flavors (15 mg vs. 5.8 mg). HALLS Extra Strong Menthol Flavor provides a boost of cooling flavor and soothes sore throats. I had the opportunity to try some and boy are they intense. Talk about instant relief. You feel that intense cool immediately. 

It is basically knock your socks off intense. If that sounds too intense for you, HALLS offers other varieties and flavors like HALLS Plus with an icy syrup center or HALLS Breezers - great tasting non-mentholated drops that soothe everyday throat irritations. I have tried the Breezers and they taste like candy - yum! But if you are sicker than a dog and you need instant relief - HALLS Extra Strong Menthol Flavor is a fantastic option. 

Sad but true - did you know that forty-three percent (43%) of Americans regularly continue to go to work when they have a cough or cold?! No wonder those pesky germs spread so quickly! I am with the fifty-five percent (55%) of Americans want to be in a protective bubble of their own during cough or cold season, which makes being a teacher during this time tough! Stay cool and let HALLS help you through cough season!

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