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Fair Winds Sarongs

There are a few basic garments that belong in any versatile, multi-function wardrobe, and a really nice sarong is one of these essential items. A sarong is a sheath of high-quality fabric that can be draped and worn in a number of stylish ways. These are a great go-to garment that can provide the perfect cover-up, accent piece, or all-occasion wrap for a variety of ensembles, from ultra-casual to super dressy.

When selecting sarongs to add to existing wardrobes for a special touch and flexibility of existing outfits, buyers should look for fabrics that have unique texture or detailing, such as tassled or fringed trim. Also, there are some rich, organic materials available, including silks and cottons, that will provide durability and longevity for buyers. Colors are abundant, and shoppers may want to find less-sheer variations so that the sarong might be worn by itself without the need for slips or under-pinnings. This will make it a wonderfully sexy dress for summer night wear or a great top that doesn't expose the wearer's bra or undergarments.

A sarong is also ideal during winter as that draping scarf that provides a bit of protection from drafts and that is congruent with the trendy and popular layered look that everyone is wearing currently. When worn over the shoulders, a sarong can become the perfect, light-weight shawl that looks dazzling over a dress for any affair or event. From scarf to skirt, a sarong has a chameleon-like impact on clothing and can accent stylishly whether wearing jeans or a little black dress.

A sarong would make an ideal gift to share with others who might benefit from a stylish accessory to wear with any apparel. The issue of sizing or personal taste is removed from the puzzle for shoppers as these garments take on the characteristics of each distinct wearer. Some may choose a more traditional type of wear and may elect to wrap their sarong as is often done culturally in other regions. For these wearers, there are some unique pins or broaches that would secure the garment well, while adding a sparkling accent to the look.

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