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SKILLSHARE: The School of Fashion & Style Classes

Attention Fashionistas! Do you want to learn essential skills from industry leaders who are shaping the world of fashion today?! Whether you are an aspiring apparel brand mogul or simply looking to write your first style blog post, the Skillshare School of Fashion and Style will provide you with the tools to make it happen.

Just browsing Skillshare's new Fashion and Style Classes will have you inspired! Looking for Fashion Classes? Check out A Staple of Branding: How to Start Your Fashion CompanyPaperFashion: Illustrate Your Favorite Runway Looks with Watercolors or Introduction to Fashion Lookbooks: Showcase Your Brand. Fashion lookbooks are vital for clothing designers to showcase their new creations on a seasonal basis. This group of images displays the fit and material composition of styles as well as the story of the collection, which are essential elements for retail buyers and consumers alike.

Need a Beauty Class? Then you will want to look into Trend Spotting: How to Forecast Beauty Trends, Red Carpet Ready: Makeup Skills for Evening Looks, or 20s Inspired Beauty: Recreate the Look of the Decade. Learn how you can incorporate beauty from a bygone era into your make up without it looking costume like. In this course, you will learn how to create a strong smoky eye, defined brows, and apply faux lashes reminiscent of the makeup style from the 1920s. The look will be completed with a modern lip technique and texture. There are some really amazing choices!

Education is what someone tells you to do. Learning is what you do for yourself. The traditional way of education forces square pegs into round holes. It's a one-size-fits-all solution that forces people down a predetermined path. The Skillshare mission is simple. Reunite learning with education and make it accessible to every single person on this planet. Anyone can learn anything, at any age, at an affordable cost, anywhere in the world. Learning has no roadblocks, prescribed paths, tests, quizzes, or outdated majors and degrees. It’s driven and powered by students. Skillshare students never ‘graduate’ because they are lifelong learners. Caps and gowns don’t see the light of day. Teachers are passionate. Students stay curious. Because curiosity is the compass that leads us to our individual passions.

Inspired yet? I was! I signed up for a class called Introduction to Portraiture: Techniques for a Perfect Headshot. It starts on Monday and I can't wait! I am going to learn:
  • An Introduction to Portraiture. What is a portrait and what isn't it and what makes a headshot great?
  • Lighting. How to achieve a well-lit portrait using natural light.
  • Composition. What to consider when composing your portrait. 
  • Expressions. How to ensure your subject tells a story - the right story! - through your portrait. 
  • Posing & Angles.  How to pose for head shots - and tips & tricks to get the right angles to create a dynamic headshot.
Rather than memorize equations for a test, learn by taking action. Learn from your peers. Learn by getting feedback. Learn by making mistakes. Learn by making things. Learn new skills that are transferable, adaptable, and applicable in the world today. 

Connect :: Visit Skillshare and sign up for one of their new School of Fashion classes and see where it can take you!