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Choosing a Pageant Dress

Pageants are a popular hobby for children and teens that can lead to prestige and even scholarships for the top winners in their categories. In order to be competitive in any pageant, girls must have a great dress that accentuates their style, provides them with the movement they need for talent competitions and provides a picture of beauty for the judges. Getting dresses from places such as can help you provide your daughter with the confidence to win.

When choosing a pageant dress, the first consideration is what the contestant will be doing in the dress. For contests that are simply walking on stage, interviewing with judges or are doing a talent that doesn't require a lot of flexibility, almost any dress can be an option. However, for those who are competing with talents that range from dancing to gymnastics or other physical activities, you will want to look for a dress that has flexible material and ones that have less embellishments so that they don't get in the way.

The next thing to consider is the color of the dress. While the color may be a matter of preference, you can always choose colors that are the most flattering for skin tone, eye color and hair color. Along with those factors, you may also want to choose a dress color that goes along with a specific theme that you may have for your pageant presentation, or you may have specific talent props or accessories that need to be matched.

Sizing is the last consideration you will have to think about before making a purchase. It is important to properly measure your girl so that you will get the right fit every time. Dresses that are too big can look sloppy and dresses that are too small may restrict her movements while on stage. With smaller children, sizing may change as much as two or three times a year, so it is important to measure before every pageant competition. Older girls and teens may not change sizes as often, allowing them to retain a sizable wardrobe to choose from when planning their pageant strategy.
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