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I'm Opening Up About My Sinus Pain #SudafedOpenUp

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sudafed.

I am a teacher and unfortunately, that means I have little noses sneezing on me all day long. Eventually, it catches up with me and I end up with sinus problems. Like clockwork, it hits me at least once, usually twice in a school year. When it does, I am so miserable! If you suffer from sinus pain and pressure, then you know how it feels. For me, it feels like someone is banging me over the head with a hammer. I get the worst headaches from the pressure! Then on top of that, my nose is so red and swollen, I have trouble breathing! Just awful. I feel a little something like this.

I call this lovely masterpiece "Bam Bam" because the throbbing from the sinus pressure is the worst for me. I created my lovely photo by heading over to Sudafed’s OPEN UP™ application on Facebook. I like this app because you can really connect with others who also suffer from sinus pain and pressure. Don't be afraid to open up to other sinus pain sufferers. It's nice to know you are not alone!

Use the Sudafed OPEN UP™ application, share your photo and start a conversation! To get started, create a photo showing how you feel when you suffer from sinus pain and pressure. Then submit your entry. You could even win $5,000 and be featured in their next campaign! You will also come to a page where you can get special offers on Sudafed products.

I like using Sudafed to bring me relief. When I finally do open up, I feel like a magic balloon just lifted an elephant off of my head. No more pressure. It is a wonderful and exhilarating feeling! There are some very interesting facts on the infographic below. Check it out!

Sudafed knows that suffering from sinus pressure and pain can leave individuals feeling crushed, beat down, congested and even squeezed, desperately looking for a way to open up. Serious sinus sufferers are invited to creatively share how their sinus pain and pressure looks and feels to them by using Sudafed’s OPEN UP™ application on Facebook.

Then, beginning on December 2, the Sudafed Facebook community will vote for one of five finalist sketches that best illustrates the pains of sinus pressure. The winner will receive $5,000 and a chance to have their work included in a Sudafed advertising campaign. For more information, visit the Sudafed Facebook page.

Tracking Pixel This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sudafed.