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Would You Ever Rent A Handbag?

The handbag, for most women it’s more than a fashion accessory – it’s a life saver. How else would you carry about all the worldly possessions you need by your side at all times … and of course those things you really don’t but you want to have on hand just in case (insect repellent and sun tan lotion in winter? Really?). Women always seem to have more than men to carry around and the handbag not only provides a practical way to do this, it provides an opportunity to make a statement about our personalities too. The trouble is, with a handbag being used every day, it can be tempting to spend far too much on this single piece of luggage – particularly if you have a penchant for designer goods.

If you do find yourself in love with a designer handbag however, there is an alternative to saving for months or running yourself into debt … hire a handbag instead!

Renting a handbag is still a new concept in the UK, despite the popularity of renting other high priced fashion items like ball gowns and wedding dresses. It’s just as easy to do however. Now online handbag hire sites show you the designs they have available to borrow, you put down a deposit, and away you go. You can choose to pay for weekly, monthly or for one day event hire; meaning unlike owning one designer bag outright, you have the choice to change your designer bag to suit the trends, the season or occasion.

Although high street handbags are of increasing high quality – some of which even rival the designer manufacturing standards - a designer label can be irresistible to some. Handbag hire companies allow you to get your hands on bags you would never otherwise be able too. No longer do celeb-endorsed accessories have to be a thing of your dreams. It’s possible to be using a Jimmy Choo clutch one week and a Mulberry tote the next.

Renting a handbag is wonderful solution for making a statement at special occasions like weddings, work events and school reunions too. We all know we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard not to make opinions based on first impressions – so if you want to send out the ‘right’ one, a designer handbag can quickly boost your status. Maybe we should all keep this in mind next time we get handbag envy? Do they actually own it at all?

While handbag rental is definitely cheaper than saving for the real deal, it is still a costly alternative to opting for a high street make. This season there are so many on-trend handbag designs to choose from too… leather satchels, mini rucksacks, box clutches – perhaps you’d rather just swap an ongoing designer rental payment for the purchase of several cheaper handbag designs instead?

Handbag rental isn't for everyone, but if you do want to get your mitts on a ‘label’ bag it is certainly something to consider.

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