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Luster Premium White :: Dual-Action Teeth Whitening System :: Review

I like my teeth white - the whiter the better. Like CeeLo Green's teeth make me jealous. Anyway, I had the chance to try the Distinctly White Dual-Action Teeth Whitening System from Luster Premium White.

The Distinctly White Dual-Action Teeth Whitening System promises visibly whiter teeth in as little as 2 days. It features an Accelerator Mouth Wash that moderates your mouth’s pH balance to prep your teeth for whitening, as well as a patented Super Whitener Gel with whitening peroxide molecules. And for instant gratification, there’s Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste with Bluverite technology that creates the optical effect of whiter teeth after just one brushing.

I had a pretty good experience with these products. I didn't notice a huge difference. But I guess there is some. It might just be the lighting in the after photo? Here are the products that I used.

I started with the Distinctly White Dual Action Teeth Whitening System. As instructed I used it on the 3 Day Schedule. That is completing four treatments per day, over three days. So I did two treatments in the morning and two in the evening on those days. You need to start by using the rinse for 10 seconds. The Accelerator Mouth Rinse cleanses and pretreats teeth to help activate the gel. You follow up with the Super Whitener Gel. It comes in a tube and you squeeze the product onto the brush. Then you "paint" your teeth and let it sit for 10 minutes per treatment. The Super Whitener Gel includes a patented whitening gel formula that encapsulates whitening peroxide molecules to better fight surface and deep stains. If you did the math that is a total of 40 minutes on those three days a week. I did the 3 Day Schedule for two weeks.

When I brushed, I also swapped out my normal toothpaste in the morning for NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste. Beware this stuff is BLUE - like smurf blue! The instant whitening toothpaste gives your smile an instant whitening boost. Its proprietary Bluverite formula delivers the optical effect of whiter teeth after just one use. It’s perfect to use for last-minute whitening before a big night out. It can be used every day to maintain whiter teeth and remove surface stains on a daily basis. I like this toothpaste and I might get myself a full sized bottle for special occasions. It gives the effect of whiter teeth which is why it would be perfect for a temporary fix.

My Thoughts:
  • I like that it is not a strip and it is not a tray. That being said it is harder to keep your teeth dry during the whitening process.
  • I like that it is safe to use. It’s completely enamel safe and does not cause tooth sensitivity.
  • I am not sure, however, that it is quite as effective as the "big guys" and their teeth whitening products.
  • I do like that it is more affordable than the "big guys".

Have you ever tried any at-home whitening products? How did they work for you?