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invino :: Private Access for Wine Lovers

Are you ready to hear about a new way to purchase wine? Meet invino. This state-of-the-art wine club uses algorithm-based selections to tailor shipments to individual palates. Tony Westfall, co-founder and CEO says, "This is the first and only 100% customized club that has a Palate Guarantee. It's the wine club for the modern enthusiast: personalized and effortless."

inclub offers members the ability to choose the amount, frequency, and quality of the wines they receive, and adjust those preferences whenever they wish. Members may opt to focus on collectors' wines, everyday Californians, bold reds, or artisan wines - and can further customize beyond those categories. The Palate Guarantee helps ensure members will like the wines they receive.


What I like about invino is the ability to change the kinds of wines I receive. For example, I can go from Napa Cabs one month to sparkling selections the next month. You only need to take a few seconds to modify your selection, and their algorithm will do the rest. It really does sound simple! Wine discovery should be without risk.

The mission of invino is to bring unprecedented wine discovery and value in the form of an innovative wine club. invino and inclub partner with hundreds of labels around the world, from under-the-radar producers to well-known brands. Wines are sourced by a panel of experts, and offered to members at preferred pricing. If you are looking for a wine club that is made to meet your needs, consider invino!

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