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MOM Approved Oil Change Checklist #MotorOilMatters

Make sure you are prepared the next time you get your oil change. The mission of MOM - Motor Oil Matters -  is to make sure that consumers receive high-quality motor oils that protect engine and emissions systems. Since learning about MOM, I knew that it was important to be aware of using the right motor oil in your engine. The MOM mark will help identify oil change locations committed to meeting the API engine oil standards.

You also need to bring the MOM Approved Oil Change Checklist with you to your next oil change. That is what I did. I went to my normal place and I was curious to see how many of the items on this checklist I would be able to check off. The service person was happy to go over the list with me and seemed surprised that I was so informed! I checked off the whole list and left feeling more confident about handling the oil change appointment myself! Normally I like to let my husband take care of it, but that is not always possible.

You can be prepared as well! Just take THIS CHECKLIST with you on your next appointment! MOM was established to license the good guys - oil manufacturers, distributors and oil change locations who have demonstrated to us that they meet the highest API chain-of-custody standard – meaning, the proper, quality motor oil for your vehicle is actually what they are putting into your car.

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