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Gone Digital? Check Out musicMagpie!

In the world of digital music, I find myself buying less and less CDs. I am such a music fan, I almost feel guilty purchasing digital music instead. Here is why. I was once so proud of my CD wall in my home. When the iPod came along, all of my CDs were moved into the basement. There they sit. All of my awesome U2, They Might Be Giants, Depeche Mode, and so many more CDs that I once treasured so much! But all things must change. We are no longer acculturating CDs, DVDs and Games. Now we just click download and we have it on our phones, tablets or whatever device you use.

So the question I have been asking myself is: What do I do with all of my old CDs? musicMagpie  is a fantastic new service that makes it east to sell CDs, DVDs and Games. To make things easy, all you need to do is simply enter the barcodes of your items into their Valuation Engine and they’ll give you an instant price – Cha-Ching!

They see it as their mission to help customers sell their unwanted items quickly and easily to make a little extra money. Not to mention, think of all of the extra space you will create in your home! They also make it easy to ship. You can ship all of your items in one box for free. Pretty cool right?

As if that wasn't already easy enough, you can also get their free iPhone or Android App! Use the app to scan in your DVDs, CDs and Games quickly and easily, complete your trade, edit your details and check the status of your order. I am very cusrious to see how much money I could make with musicMagpie. Aren't you?! Start entering those barcodes now and see what kind of a check you could be cashing!