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Household Chores? Divide and Conquer is the Key to a Happy Marriage :: #SwifferEffect

Household chores are not fun. Luckily in marriage, you can divide and conquer. My husband and I have been married for 9 years. It's funny because when it comes to household chores we just know what we are expected to do. There are no questions. There is no arguing. It is just simple and yes ... it's almost like dancing.

What I Do: Vacuum/Floors, Laundry, Dust/Wipe Down Counters

What He Does: Outdoor Chores, Dishes, Bathroom

I am such a germ-a-phobe that I can't do the germy chores. Thankfully hubby understands and helps me with those chores. When my husband and I were watching TV a few weeks ago, we met Morty & Lee. I remember looking at my husband and just laughing after the commercial because they were so cute! See for yourself.

I hope we might be like Morty & Lee one day ... with one exception. Unlike Morty, I hope my wonderful hubby is still helping me divide and conquer our household chores. So what happens in your household? Do you divide and conquer the chores?

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